Technical Specifications

A very strong presence is achieved with the unique form of Blob which will transform any environment with its constant state of perceived movement. Each module is available separately allowing for Blob to be configured into any required length. Upholstered in two tone Camira Felt.

Please note that the individual modules do differ slightly in length giving Blob its unique asymmetrical aesthetic. Each module is separate so that Blob can be configured to any required length within the 760mm length restraints. A module can be used as a single seater on its own or string a number of modules together to form one complete sofa. Constructed using traditional timber frame work and varying density foams. Upholstered in two tone Camira Blazer Felt although other fabric selections are available on request.

Standard 5 module sofa: 3820mm L x 1492mm D x 810mm H.
Each individual module: approx 760mm L x 1492mm D x 810mm H.