Technical Specifications

Bring any commercial or residential interior environment to life with the strong burst of colours of Swatch. A modular sofa system consisting of individual units that can be arranged into many creative urban settings. Sofa landscapes can be created to suite any space and be configured to any length within a one module length constraint. Modules are available with or without arms allowing for the creation of long open collaborative spaces or individual seating cocoons for more privacy within the seating.

Various modules available to create unique creative landscapes. Please contact Urban Culture Lab for full module possibilities.

The system can be ordered with any amount of various modules to create an endless combination of configurations.
With the modules being separate the landscape can be continually changed and additional modules can be ordered when required. The system allows for total interactivity and creativity. Constructed using traditional timber framework and varying density foams. Upholstered in Camira felt fabrics. Other fabric options available on request. Can be accessorized with scatter cushions for an enhanced lounging experience.